The most popular amenities in new apartments

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Timber flooring is also on the wishlist for the majority of New South Wales buyers, while in Victoria foodies seek top European appliances for their kitchens.

In Queensland and Western Australia, it’s all about pools – lap, rooftop and infinity. Given the temperate climate in these areas, we can’t blame buyers for wanting to keep cool.

Gymnasiums feature in the top ranked developments in Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland, but not in New South Wales where communal gardens were more common.

The state-based trends are part of’s Top Project Amenities report. The report looks at the most viewed apartment projects in each state for July 2015, and ranks the amenities by the number of times they appear across the Project Profile pages of these popular developments.

Jason Soulos, Sales Director at Coronation Property in New South Wales, says the market will always determine the amenities required for new apartments and developers and architects need to reflect this.

“It’s no surprise that communal gardens have topped the list (for New South Wales),” Soulos says.

“External space acts as an extension of the apartment living space and provides an opportunity for communities to develop.

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