Small yet spacious and beautifully-organized 39 square meter apartment

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Ideally, we would all have huge homes where we could have all the furniture and accessories we need. But we don’t live in an ideal world so it often happens that we have to deal with space-related problems. When you have a small home you often have to make sacrifices. This means not getting to have the large sofa you liked so much in the store or not getting to enjoy the spacious kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

A 39 square meter apartment is not nearly enough to fit everything into. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean it can’t be a great home. In fact, you would be surprised to see how spacious and airy a 39-square meter apartment can be if decorated properly. Just take a look at these pictures. The apartment they describe is small but it’s also bright, airy and quite spacious, despite its reduced size. It has a kitchen, a bedroom, a living room and a bathroom.

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