Kitchen Tables For Small Spaces With Big Personalities

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So you have a small kitchen. While this is not ideal, don’t bear yourself up too much. You’re lucky to live in a time when there’s a solution for every problem, actually a lot of different ones in this particular case. Just because a kitchen is small doesn’t have to mean it’s impractical too. With the right distribution of elements, the right proportions and the right selection of functions, materials, finishes and colors, you can maximize your kitchen’s functionality and even have room for a small table which you can use for various different purposes. I’ve actually been looking for the right kitchen table for quite some time and today could finally be the day I choose one. Let’s have a look at some of the options.

It would be foolish to say there’s always room for a table in the kitchen. Sometimes a kitchen is simply too small for that, most of the time at least. A bad layout may prevent you from putting a permanent table in your small kitchen but a fold-down one might be the perfect alternative. Also, you can mount the table directly onto one of the walls to save some space. Every inch matters.

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