Follow These 10 Kitchen Trends and You Might Have Regrets

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It’s great fun to read the magazines and browse designs for all the latest kitchen trends, but this is one area of the home where it’s smart to proceed with caution. It can be really easy to get caught up in new trends and while lots of them are awesome, there are others that might wear thin over time for some homeowners. Some people can live with these kitchen trends for decades and still be in love with them but others will want to give them a pass.

1. Open Shelving

All the rage for years now — with loads being highlighted on the televisions renovation shows — open shelving sure looks great. Magazines show off the artful containers and dishes arranged beautifully but casually. Are you impeccably organized on a daily basis? How about the other family members living in the house? Open shelving puts absolutely everything on all the time. You won’t want to have all those mismatched novelty coffee mugs hanging out on the open shelving. Also, if you choose open shelving, make sure you like to dust frequently because you will have to. Dishes that aren’t used often will need to be regularly washed to prevent dust build-up. Last but not least, if the open shelving is near the cooktop, you may have to deal with cleaning off grease as well.

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