Bright, airy and beautifully organized 43 square meter apartment

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Judging an apartment by its dimensions is not always fair because sometimes you can be really surprised. For example, this is an apartment that measures only 43 square meters. Despite that, it feels very spacious and very airy. The secret lies in its décor. Featuring an open floor plan that includes he kitchen, dining room and the living area, this zone seems larger than the three rooms considered separately simply because of the lack of delimitations.

The apartment is extremely well organized. It’s small but there’s not one inch of spaces wasted inside. Every area is beautifully organized and the whole space is functional and efficient. The open floor plan is a flowing space with no boundaries between the rooms. The kitchen and the dining area are one and the same space and they balance each other beautifully. The rest of the space is occupied by the living room which shares the same simplicity and elegance of the décor.

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