9 Ways to Make Your Apartment More Beautiful

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Transforming an apartment into what design people call “a space” requires some effort, especially when you’re not looking to spend tons of money. But the reward is well worth it. The trick? Finding affordable accents like iridescent plates, tiny glassware that could be plucked from a charming Parisian café, or deceptively real faux flowers. Find out where to buy all of those, plus more of our favorite apartment-decorating ideas, ahead.

1. A Well-Reviewed Rug

Reviewer’s love Safavieh’s shaggy rug, especially in the classic white shade, but why not try of-the-moment melodramatic purple? Not only will it hide dirt better, it’ll serve as a colorful focal point in your space.

2. Delicate, Multipurpose Containers

In colors like green and pink, these tiny canisters can store cotton pads or jewelry, or even act as tea lights.

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