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You do not have to give up style and aesthetics just because you live in a small apartment.

1. Cafe-inspired, simple and relaxed style

A lot of love went into the design and DIY-ing of this studio apartment. This is an approximately 8-mat (13-sqm) room, but looks bigger thanks to the abundant natural light and main furniture pieces lined up against the walls.

The beautiful shelf was custom built using sturdy high-tension wooden poles. Custom woodwork may be a bigger investment than you want to put into a rental apartment, but horizontal or vertical high-tension poles are a handy and inexpensive alternative. They are useful for rigging up racks in your living room, kitchen or bath without leaving marks on the ceiling or floor. Because they are braced against the ceiling and floor, they are also safer in an earthquake than non-secured shelves.

A single plastic pole costs about ¥1,500 ($14 USD) and can be used to create a simple place to hang your suits.

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