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You don’t have to give up style or comfort just because you live in a small apartment. To help you get inspired, we present some design ideas from small studio apartments (1R or 1K) around Japan. This is part of our ongoing series on small room decorating ideas from Japan.

Create Your Own Oasis

Japan can be a stressful place to live. When you come home, you deserve to have a space that you can really relax in. If you live in a studio apartment, we know this means you really have to make the most of a tiny space. This person has made her small DIY night stand into a relaxing oasis. The plant is a nice touch next to the essential oil aroma sticks.

1. Make the Most of Your Balcony

Your balcony isn’t just for drying clothes. With just a few square meters and a little imagination, you can create a nice relaxing space surrounded by as many potted plants as you can aesthetically fit it.

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