5 Modern Interior of An Apartment with Holes as Hand Grips

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The modern interior in this apartment becomes more interesting with the holes which are also function as hand grips. The different holes have a dynamic mixture, especially on the closed and open cabinets. There is a black Grcic chair in the dining area that can complement this cabinet.

A Hole New Apartment is a typical Amsterdam 1930’s apartment that bought by the owners. i29 Interior Architects observes that there are a lot of spaces that ‘lost’ on the wide and long hallways with doors in the small rooms. That’s why the architect opened up this apartment with a modern interior and a lot of holes as hand grips.

1. Stairs

Previously, the attic rooms only had a public hallway as the only access. So i29 Interior Architects creates atrium open stairs, making them as an apartment full-fledged part. Above the stairs, there is a large roof window that brings more lights into the living room.

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