3 Small Room Ideas for the Tiniest of Apartments

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First, there’s the fact that many buildings don’t allow any washing machines whatsoever because of outdated pipes. If that’s the case, you’re out of luck unless you move. Then there’s the complicated issue of where to put the washer and dryer. According to StreetEasy, washers are often required to go near a bathroom or kitchen, where there’s already a plumbing system in place that the machine can tie into. Plus, in an ideal world, you’ll have a dryer with a vent (it will dry your socks more efficiently with one), which means you’ll need to be near an exterior wall. Getting overwhelmed yet?

But we’re realizing we might have been, gasp, misinformed. Free service Sweeten, which plays matchmaker for homeowners and contractors, has witnessed some incredible craftiness when it comes to squeezing a washer and dryer into the tiniest of homes. The biggest takeaway: Leave no inch of space unconsidered. Washers and dryers can be stuffed under countertops, in closets, and in corners of bathrooms. In some cases, something is literally out of nothing—hello, new washer-housing kitchen peninsula! Here, Sweeten shared with us some of the most impressive workarounds in New York City:

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