15 The Stylish Defining Characteristics Of A Luxury Kitchen

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Some types of spaces make it easy to create a refined and sophisticated interior design and that’s usually the case with leisure areas while utilitarian spaces tend to be more focused on functionality rather than visual appeal, hence they sometimes lack style. The kitchen is an interesting case. With so many appliances and features that need to fit in this space, we sometimes ignore the fact that a luxury kitchen can be an awesome addition to a home plus it can have a substantial impact on the entire  home interior, especially if the kitchen is part of an open floor plan.

Here you can take a peek at the Aria luxury kitchen. Its minimalism and beauty are only matched by its functionality and user-friendlines. This luxury kitchen is designed with great attention to detail and a simple yet sophisticated array of materials, finishes and colors. Gray is definitely the star of the design, being complemented here by wooden tones and stainless steel accents which balance out the design perfectly.

Similarly, this kitchen has an extremely simple design and is mostly all white. Even so, espresso design managed to make it look refined and sophisticated by carefully maintaining simplicity and beauty. The marble backsplash is a beautiful feature and you can see it extend all along the backside of the cabinets, creating a back panel at the top in order to maintain symmetry and fluidity in the design.

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