14 Life In A Tiny Apartment Home – Small House Plans

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5. Next, a loft apartment located in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona.  The emphasis was on bringing as much natural light into this 40 square meter apartment as possible and also on maximizing and diversifying the functionality and the ways in which different sections and features interact with each other, hence the bookshelf staircase which offers access to the sleeping area.

30-39 square meter apartments

6. Given its 35 square meter floor plan, this studio apartment from La Spezia is surprisingly open and spacious, not to mention full of ingenious storage solutions. The client’s main request was that the apartment be divided into two zones: a living room and a sleeping area. To maximize and to optimize the storage capabilities of the apartment, the architects created a multifunctional wall which connects the entrance, the living area and sleeping area and incorporates a small technical room, a wardrobe and the primary storage space. 

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