14 Life In A Tiny Apartment Home – Small House Plans

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3. Designed to serve as a temporary home for its owners when they visit Vilnius, this apartment from Lithuania doesn’t need to be big in order to offer maximum comfort and functionality. In fact, it has the perfect size for its intended purpose. The interior was designed by Interjero Architektūra and the studio took advantage of the apartment’s greatest feature: its high ceilings. They created a mezzanine space above the kitchen which is used for storage and they covered it with tinted mirrors which reflect the space and make it seem bigger.

4. Solid partition walls can make a small apartment seem even smaller so the architects at Ruetempledecided to avoid them altogether when designing the interior of this 47 square meter apartment from Moscow, Russia situated in a solid-cast building. The apartment already had a perfect setup from the start, with no load-bearing elements in sight and with all the wet zones concentrated in one place along the back wall plus two large windows. One challenge remained: creating a private sleeping area. The solution was to built a wooden multifunctional volume at the center of the apartment which includes the bedroom and which retains the open feel of the space. 

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