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A while ago we reviewed a bunch of small house plans under 1000 sq ft and we thought those homes were compact and packed with functionality but wait till you see these micro apartments. The following examples show floor plans under 500 sq ft. To make the distinction clearer, we’ll use the metric system. We hope to show you that tiny homes have a lot of potential and can be very charming as long as you make the most of the space you have.

40-49 square meter floor plans

1. An apartment with a total surface of 47 square meters doesn’t offer too many options, especially if you also plan to use it as an office. Of course, that doesn’t make the project impossible. Studio Yuichi Yoshida & associates were tasked with reinventing this apartment from Tokyo, Japan and they managed to do a pretty great job at organizing all the different functions and fitting everything in without making the space seem cluttered.

2. Japan is pretty famous for its small apartments so we’ve included some examples from there in our list, like this 47 square meter studio from Kyoto. The architects and designers at TANK were in charge of transforming the originally plain apartment into a modern guesthouse where artists can live and create. Apartment from the overall simplicity and openness of the space, the apartment proudly displays a few very special design details such as the resin-mended cracks in the floor reminiscent of repaired ceramics and the mirrored bathroom doors which create a kaleidoscopic effect when opened.

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