13 Ways to Turn Your Kitchen Into A Hub of Luxury

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If there’s one room that’s prime for a splurge it’s the kitchen. Adding elements that turn your kitchen into a hub of luxury yields a daily pay-off because it is the most used living space in the home. Moreover, when it’s time to sell, kitchen improvements generally earn the biggest returns. When investing in upgrades, these days it is possible to create a custom kitchen that is the epitome of luxury thanks to the new technology and materials that are available. According to designers and builders, these are some of the most desirable ways to turn your kitchen into the family’s high-end haven.

1. Add a Stunning Backsplash

Yes, backsplashes have an important function but aesthetically, they add great drama to a kitchen. Forget the typical mosaics and subway tile and look for something different that expresses the style of your kitchen as well as your personality. Large format tile designs, like the one in the Officine Gullo kitchen below, unexpected materials and patterned or engraved tiles make a huge difference. The luxury feeling comes from having something that’s striking. Traditionally, a backsplash was all about function — keeping the area around the stove easy to clean — but now it has become a major design element. This example of a designer backsplash helps define the work area, carries through the design flair of the cabinetry and range, and the central design provides a focal point.

Large tiles and a special arrangement turn a backsplash into a statement.

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