12 Small Apartment Organized Using Function Boxes And Lots Of Creativity

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Architects and interior designs are constantly struggling to pack as much function into as little space as possible and the biggest challenging is knowing how to combine all the different elements in a way that doesn’t make a small apartment feel tiny or claustrophobic. We could learn a thing or two from TOWOdesign. They recently transformed the interior of a loft apartment from central Shanghai into one of the most inspiring homes we’ve come across. The apartment only measures 48 square meters in total but that doesn’t stop it from being very bright, open and airy. To achieve the perfect balance between looks and functionality, the designers organized the apartment into a series of function boxes.

1. Some of the pillars and wall sections have been left exposed, revealing the original outline of the apartment

2. There’s a very nice and organic flow of spaces throughout the apartment which doesn’t involve any traditional walls

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