10 Ways to Make Your Small Apartment Feel Bigger

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6. Super efficient storage solutions

Once the moving service has dropped off all boxes and furniture from your previous home, many of the newly relocated find themselves scratching their heads: But I thought we downsized! The truth is even the tiniest room has more storage space than you think. Start by maximizing wall space with floating wall shelves and overhead storage space.  You can mugs from the rafters, line the perimeter where the walls meet the ceiling with small shelves or build shelves into out-of-the-way corners. Placing things as high as possible will also make the room look taller. Decorative boxes and baskets are also a great way to keep counters and end tables clutter free while maintaining aesthetics — intentionally choose sizes that can slide under the bed, sofa, or end tables.

7. Mirror, mirror, show me more space

Well-placed, decorative mirrors are a great way to trick the eye into seeing more space. Position a large mirror across from a window and it will distribute more light throughout the room as well as create a feeling of spaciousness.

8. Little things are not necessarily better

Contrary to what you may believe, small or miniature items are not the way to go when decorating a small space. One big, comfy couch is better than several smaller chairs and ultimately uses space more efficiently. A large vase gives a better focal point and leaves less unused space than an array of trinkets (see point #1).  Larger more functional items keep your space feeling less cluttered.

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