10 Ways to Make Your Small Apartment Feel Bigger

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3. The right white

Choosing the right color palette for your small space can make an enormous difference in how big or small it feels. Stick with white or pale hues for the walls — anything too dark will make the room feel small and dark. With your walls in uniform white (or eggshell or ecru or…) you can choose how to artistically add some splashes of color. Wall decals can be a great way to improve the space, particularly if you’re renting. If you have the freedom to paint, adding some focal points of color in certain areas can direct the gaze to make the room feel larger. If you like lighter tones, consider light grays or blues for the details in your room to create a light and airy feel — especially if you don’t have many prominent windows.

4. Use the ceiling to create depth

Choose a darker (but not TOO dark) tone for the ceiling to create the illusion of depth, and add some eye-catching decoration like interesting lamp fixtures or a light-colored mobile to draw attention upwards. Minimalist, cable-based track lighting is one versatile way to light your space effectively by directing light into otherwise dark spaces.

A light colored floor will also help your place feel more spacious. Flooring like bamboo or lighter colored wood will bring a bit of the natural world inside. If you can’t make any changes to your floor (like most renters), a pale colored area rug can be just the ticket.

5. Everything should serve multiple purposes

Small spaces don’t have room for items that only perform one task — and this is where many DIY small-space inhabitants get really creative. From a bed that flips up to reveal storage space (or even goes into the wall), to a desk that doubles as a dining table, to a sink that becomes counter space when you don’t need it, DIY’ers and designers have come up with so many clever pieces of furniture – you just need to decide which ones fit your needs and priorities.

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