10 Warm Wooden Kitchen Designs in Modern, Classic Style

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Kitchen furniture is an integral part of the home, it is a heart of the home where all family members come together, especially when the meal is being prepared.  In recent years, kitchen design is created from different materials, but still up to date is natural materials such as wood, stone, linen, leather and metal. While at first glance it may seem that the wooden kitchen design with stone, metal accents fit best into the country house, designers have manage to fit this country, rustic style in the city homes as well.

It’s interesting that wood as material does not go out of fashion, it does not lose its actuality, surely changes design, application, trends, but its favorite for many. Mainly, because it makes the interior homey, warmer and gives natural, ECO look. As well, complemented by stone, brick and linen texture, can get even deeper look. To gain modern look, most often is used wood and white acrylic combinations, that gives elegant touch and makes wood look lighter, not so heavy. But if you like more natural and rougher style, will look great raw wooden parts with rustic and country touches. Therefore, to get more ideas, take a look on 6 beautiful and eye-catching wooden kitchen designs in modern, country and classic styles and get inspired!



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