10 smart kitchen splashback ideas

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Introduce colour, texture, pattern, sparkle or subtlety to your kitchen with these kitchen splashback ideas. There’s a kitchen splashback to fulfil every requirement

Kitchen splashbacks were all about function in the past, protecting the walls behind worktops, hobs and sinks from splashes. Nowadays, however, their ability to contribute aesthetically as well as provide practical benefits is crucial to a successful kitchen design, whether you’re designing a stylish kitchen on a budget, creating a traditional family kitchen or planning a small kitchen. And if you want an eye-catching feature, a sleek finish, or a touch of luxury, there’s a world of choice. Here are our favourite kitchen splashbacks ideas (and why you should choose them).


Which splashback material?

There’s plenty on offer in terms of splashback materials. Cost, care requirements and how they complement the rest of the kitchen design should all factor into your selection.

Tiles offer many colour, style and pattern choices, as well as a large range of price points. They’re easy to keep clean, although grout may need more work in time. Laminate, meanwhile, can be a good budget buy.  Stainless steel has an industrial look, and is easy to look after. Glass can be a barely visible addition, protect a wallpaper for an individual look, or stand out in its own right if you choose a coloured or patterned design. Stone will make a statement, if you’re prepared to invest more, while attractive quartz and solid surface materials are options to match a worktop. More unusual are mirrored glass and metallics, which can brighten as well as protect.

If you’re fitting your own kitchen, factor in whether you can DIY install your splashback material, as is possible with panels, tiles and mosaic sheets; a professional needs to do the job with stone and solid surfaces.


A mirrored splashback can make a small kitchen feel larger, brighten any space, and provide an intriguing new perspective.

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