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Are you preparing for a kitchen remodel in the near future? Do you want to create a kitchen design that will stand the test of time? Looking for ideas to add a splash of style to your space?

Check out the latest kitchen design trends in 2018 to get a head start on your kitchen remodel. From painted cabinetry and single-level islands to ceramic flooring, quartz countertops and colorful sinks, we’re sure you’ll find some great design ideas to make your new kitchen your own!


One of the newest trends in kitchen design combines elements from both traditional kitchen design and contemporary design to create an entirely new look. Known as transitional design, these modern kitchens incorporate the sleek, straight lines of contemporary design with the layers, curves and softness of traditional design. The result is a modern, clean look that’s also warm, inviting and infinitely practical.

Notice how the kitchen pictured here makes use of clean, straight-lined cabinetry, combined with a geometric light fixture and natural fabric valences to create a cozy space with a touch of modern style.

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