10 How To Style Your Open Kitchen Shelving

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Isn’t it fun when you hop on a design trend and the trend sticks around? Open shelving is one of those trends. It’s been around long enough to make its way into almost every kitchen in some capacity. Time has shown us that there are real open shelving lovers that eschew all cabinetry in favor of kitchenware display. There are also real open shelving haters that wouldn’t jump on that bandwagon for anything. But wherever you fall, if you have open shelving in your kitchen, this post is for you. There are many different ways to style open shelving that will blend with the style of your home and living. Here are 10 styles that you can incorporate into your kitchen’s open shelving.

1. Whether you’re styling throw pillows on your couch, your mantel decor or your holiday table settings, you always think about your color palette first thing. It’s no different when it comes to open shelving. Whatever you are storing on them is out for all eyes to see so it will help your kitchen if the colors blend well. A collection of white dishes will never go amiss.

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