10 How To Organize Your Kitchen Pantry For Maximum Storage Efficiency

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3. Divide and conquer

Dividing large storage spaces into smaller compartments with specific purposes is a great idea, especially in the kitchen pantry when there’s a lot that needs to be stored and not exactly a lot of space to spare. A cool idea, for example, is to divide an open shelf area to create some tall and narrow compartments just for oven pans, lids, cutting boards and other such items.

4. Use pull out drawers for easy access

As practical as open shelves may be in the kitchen pantry, some things are too small to be organized and stored this way and a much better option would be to keep them in drawers. Pull-out-drawers are nice because they let you access the content at the back without having to first get things out of the way and they’re great for the lower sections of the pantry where shelves would be uncomfortable to use. 

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