10 How To Organize Your Kitchen Pantry For Maximum Storage Efficiency

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The kitchen pantry can get pretty full and messy in a short period of time, especially if you don’t have a system in place which can help you store everything efficiently. But that’s not a reason to just give up. In fact, it’s the perfect incentive to make you want to give your pantry a makeover. This can mean a complete renovation of a space or just a few simple adjustments like adding some shelves on your kitchen pantry doors. Check out our favorite ideas when it comes to pantry organization.

1. Simple, timeless shelves

Open shelves can be very practical for organizing and storing items, whether in the kitchen pantry, in the garage or somewhere else. However, it’s not just the actual shelves that matter but also the overall impression they create which partially has something to do with their design. The old shelves were ok but they didn’t really look great. The new ones look more solid, minimalist and also have labels which is a neat touch.

2. Store ingredients in glass jars

You can store a lot of things in glass jars and they’re especially useful in the kitchen. You can reuse regular jars with lids or you can get yourself a nice set of special storage jars of different sizes which look pretty and can be labeled so you can easily find the thing you need.

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