10 Beautifully Decorated Small Apartment Ideas to Inspire You

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5. Add Storage to Your Bathroom

When you have a small apartment, you need to find genius ways of adding more storage to every room. There’s nothing that can make a small apartment look smaller than piles of clutter everywhere. This bathroom utilizes light shelves to maximize storage. The corner walls in a bathroom usually go unused, but with this idea, you can turn it into a space for additional storage. This is the perfect place to keep your towels and toiletries.

6. Hang Open Shelves in Your Kitchen

In a compact kitchen, you can often find yourself with barely enough space. You can’t add additional cupboards either because they take up valuable floor space. This is where the walls of your kitchen come in use. Hang high shelves, and hooks on your kitchen walls to utilize them fully. This also makes things more convenient for you because everything is within arm’s reach. You will never have to rummage through cupboards trying to find a spice bottle again.

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