10 Beautifully Decorated Small Apartment Ideas to Inspire You

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3. Use Light Furniture

When you have a small room, it’s always safest to use light furniture instead of heavy, clunky ones. This apartment uses modern, iron-frame furniture which doesn’t make the space look cramped. It also adds a sophisticated, minimalist touch to your living room. Throw rugs, carpets and pillows add warmth and comfort to the space.

4. Use a Compact Dining Table

Who says you can’t have a dining table just because you’re in a small apartment? This dining table is an example of beautiful, space-saving furniture. A compact dining table with pull-out chairs is the perfect addition to your home. When you’re not using it, you can put the chairs back in and use it as an end table. You could also use clear chairs, also called ghost chairs, and a glass table for a dining area that doesn’t clutter your home.

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